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The Portland Community Bowling Association's

Once again, Portland has closed the books on another successful Rose Bowl Classic - our 28th.  This dang economy keeps impacting all tournaments, including Portland.  We had a 16.6% decrease, just when we were beginning to recover.  We had 160 bowlers compared to 192 the previous year.  As we approach our 30th Anniversary, we are still in hopes that we can turn those numbers around.. 

Special thanks to those who helped on this year's Rose Bowl Classic 28 committee.  Believe it or not, with this experienced team of volunteers, we again accomplished this year's Rose Bowl Classic with only one meeting, and only a handful of individuals: We can't imagine where we would be without Terry Walton - Raffle & Mega-Mini raffles;  Troy Albin (& Kayla Widdicombe) - registration and computer scoring.  Believe it or not - that was our core - Terry, Troy and Tom G.  Also special thanks to Mike Nelson who manages the Boxer Bowl every Saturday night of the Rose Bowl Weekend.   Great job as usual Mike. 

6/2011- We continue to automate our processes and payouts.  Payments  will be made by the end of the month of June after we have completed all our final verification of results, averages and handicaps between the house results and ours.  Canadian checks have to be hand prepared and mailed, as most US Banks have still not automated international payments. 

Checks will be made by your total winnings by combining all events.  Each check should have had a memo attached indicating what the payment was for.  If you believe you were entitled to a check that was announced at the banquet that has not yet arrived please contact us immediately.  All checks are valid for only 60 days and then are invalidated by the Bank.  Contact us at PDXbowl@comcast.net for any discrepancies.  Checks are not forwardable.  If you have moved and did not provide us with an updated street address before we issued those checks, we are required to wait until the checks have been returned to the Bank, before they can be reissued.

Congratulations to Roy Stevens of Portland for winning the $500 Mega-Mini prize; Gary Douthwright of Vancouver, BC for winning the Storm bowling balll and Shane Waldroup and Chris Funke, both of Tennessee, who both had their names drawn for $50 trip reimbursement.  Additionally, congratulations to Brad Farrester who won the Pathetic Performance Insurance entry fee reimbursement.

The Most Original and Creative Team name for the 2011 Rose Bowl, as voted by their constituents was:
"Three Jerks & A Squirt" from Tennessee.

Team Results
Doubles Results
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Mystery Doubles
(Please note: All three sets of scores are attached together.  Friday 7 pm are all Doubles Pairings; Saturday 10am are all team events pairings; and Saturday 1pm are All event pairings.)

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