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Tom Geil


Oregon City, Oregon

Tom's very first camera - a Rocket something or other!!!
(Tom got it for joining the "We Were There Book Club! Wow!)


Tom Geil, Photographer

Tom Geil is a lifelong Oregonian, who dreamed of someday having a portfolio the size of his hero Ray Atkeson, Photographer Laureate of Oregon.  Tom still has his very first Rocket box camera (126mm).  During high school, he became a photographer for local media, covering sports and local events such as the Portland Rose Festival. 

In college he continued his photography career, and through his connection with the local news got to meet, interview and photograph politicians such as Richard Nixon, Bobby Kennedy, and Nelson Rockefeller, among others.  His connections also allowed him to do the same with Jim Morrison & The Doors, Mamas & The Papas, Dianna Ross and the Supremes, to name just a few.  He went to Portland State University becoming Photo Editor of the Vanguard newspaper, expanding his photo journalism career, while taking creative photography classes from William Grand.

Tom eventually got to meet Ray Atkeson and learned about the patience he took to plan and wait for the right moment to capture your “dream” photo experience.  During the days of film photography, Tom learned the hard way that it sometimes takes hundreds, if not thousands of photographs until you get the one you want.  He went to work managing Sandy’s Camera shops that were popular in the 70’s to help cover his photography fix.

From high school through college days, Tom entered his photography in various photo salons, winning numerous ribbons.  His proudest achievement was having some of his photographs of the World Trade Centers placed on display amongst photographers from Japan and Germany at the International Photo Expedition at the Oregon State Fair.

Tom has continued his passion for photography, having his own wedding photography business for 18 years until the 90’s.  He continues to photograph for local media, nonprofits and businesses.  Since Tom is both a writer and a photographer he has produced newspapers for the Lions of Oregon, Fred Meyer Stores, and local businesses.

Prompted by a fellow photographer, Tom is just now beginning to prepare an online portfolio of his work that can be viewed at  It’s in the early stages as he goes back through nearly 50 years of photographs to choose his favorites.

Tom's work has recently been hung at the Gresham City Hall Art Gallery in 2010 for shows such as Color Explosion and Along the Roadside.




Photography Portfolios

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