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The Portland Community Bowling Association


Results of Previous Rose Bowl Classics
We are currently going through all our previous programs and results to add to this page.

  • Rose Bowl Classic 29 (2012)
    Please note: We are still auditing our results.  We have made some changes.  We apologize to Low Hanging Fruit from Seattle, who actually came in 2nd, not 4th. 
    For Mystery Jackpot Doubles, the following listings are:
    Friday 7:00 pm are the Doubles Pairings
    Saturday 10:00 am are the Team Pairings
    Saturday 1:00 pm are the All Events Pairings

Rose Bowl Classic 28 (2011)

Rose Bowl Classic 27 (2010)

Rose Bowl Classic 26 (2009)

Full History since 1983
(Currently being worked on)



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